Screenshot of the dropdown menu for Tags

What are Tags in Joomla?

Tags are Joomla Components that you can assign to content to assist you in organizing subject matter. Unlike Categories, multiple Tags can be assigned to content types. You can then create menu items or links that allow the user to see all the content with the same tag. An Article can have multiple Tags. These Tags can be displayed with the Article. When the user clicks on a Tag name he will be presented with a page that lists all the Article Titles that are assigned to that Tag.

You can navigate to the Tag Manager component, from the Components drop down menu, to create or control the tags that you wish to use on your site. Tags have many uses on your site. They can add to the Search Engine Optimization, help your users to hone in on certain subjects, allow you to display a list of articles by their tags, and are used for many other applications. 3rd Party Extensions will also allow you to use this tag information in various ways.

Tags can be assigned to for:

  • Articles
  • Weblinks
  • Newsfeeds
  • Contacts
  • Categories

Tags should be like Keywords. They should be short and sweet and to the point. They can be a single word or more than one word.

In Joomla 3+ there are many options for displaying and using tags. You can display all articles that have a certain tag in a list by clicking on the tag in an article. You can have a description that is associated with each tag. You can also attach images for visual feedback with the tags. You can create lists of tags that you want editors to use for simplicity and organization. You can also have a hierarchy for the tags with Parent and Child tags.

If set to do so, the tags will show up at the top of the article under the title. This will help the visitor summarize what is in the content for the article. These tags can also help with Search Engine Optimization.

When the Tags show up in the Article, the visitor can click on one of them and be taken to a list with all the content elements with that tag. You can also make a Menu Item out of Tags if you want to add this to your navigation.

Tag Manager

When you go into the Tag Manager under Components, you will see a list of all the existing tags. Tags can be created here in the Tag Manager or they can be created on the fly from Articles and Components. The Tags created in Articles will show up in the list under Tag Manager.

Create or Edit Tags

In the Tag Manager you can create new tags. by clicking on New. Double click on a Tag name in the list to edit the information for that tag.

Tag Details Tab

You must give each tag a Title. This will be what shows up in the list of tags at the top of the Article, so keep it short and to the point. You can use one or more words in the tag title. You can give the Tag a description. This description will show up on the list of articles for that tag, if the description is set to show. You can also choose to give the Tag a parent if you have some sort of tag hierarchy in mind. You can Publish or Unpublish the tag and control the access levels and language for that tag.

Publishing Tab

In the Publish Tab you can enter a Meta Description and Meta Keywords. This <meta> information will show up on the page with the list of articles for that tag.

Options Tab

If you have Alternative Layouts set up for Tags, you can change those settings here. Joomla automatically give the tags two CSS classes for the tag-link of label and label-info. You can add additional class names here - just separate each class name with a space.

Images Tab

If you are getting fancy with your tags and attaching images, this is where you do that. There is an option for a Teaser Image and a Full Image.