dropdown-modulemanagerModules are like little boxes that may contain content, links, a menu, a list of archived articles, breadcrumbs, a login box, advertisements, a newsreel, etc.

They are usually put into the positions that surround the content such as the header section or the sidebars or the footer.  

They can also be placed directly into an article.

On this site, for example, the logo is in a module, the three menus along the top are each in their own module, the search box, side menu, advertisements and footer are each their own module. A module had to be created for each of these items and a position had to be assigned.

When you create a module in Module Manager, you must decide what sort of content will go into the module. Some of these options are"

  • articles
  • category lists
  • banners
  • breadcrumbs
  • Custom HTML
  • news feeds
  • login form
  • menu
  • tags
  • search
  • other things...