An Extension in Joomla is a third-party program that works with the Joomla CMS installation. Extensions can be free, free but require a membership, at a one-time cost or a yearly cost.

Extensions will add certain functionality to the website that is not necessarily present with the core files. The added functionality can be for:

  • managing users
  • controlling access levels
  • text editors
  • membership
  • creating forum discussion pages
  • video management
  • slideshows
  • event management
  • E-commerce, shopping carts
  • document handling
  • google maps
  • creating forms

The most common extensions for Joomla are:

JCE Editor: This extension provides a text editor and media management system that has many more features and control than the standard TinyMCE that comes with a Joomla installation. FREE

Kunena: forum creation and management. FREE

AllVideos: media management for videos and audio FREE

VirtueMart: for setting up an E-commerce site, includes payment, shopping carts, categories, etc. 

Community Builder: social community networking system. FREE

Simple Image Gallery: for adding image galleries to your articles. FREE

Ozio Image Gallery: for managing images published on Google Plus. FREE

JEvents: for managing and displaying events. FREE

DOCMan: for uploading and managing documents. PAID

Google Maps by Ruemer: for displaying one or more Google Maps withing content items FREE

Akeeba Backup: for creating full system backup of the Joomla installation files and database FREE

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