A short line of text that represents the title of a Menu Item, an Article or a Category. Depending on the system settings for your site, the Alias is used in creating the URL (website address) for the page.

When you create an Article, Category or Menu Item, there is a small text box for the Alias right next to the title.  Joomla will use the Title for creating the alias (with modifications) unless you type an Alias in yourself. Joomla will make the alias all lower case, replace spaces with dashes and take out any characters that can not be accepted in a http:// URL.


The Alias must be unique. This means that it can not be used for more than one Menu Item, Article or Category.  Joomla will warn you when you save the item that that Alias has already be used.  You can not save the item if it does not have a unique Alias.

Site Settings

sefurlIf Search Engine Friendly URLs is turned on in the Global Configuration for the site, Joomla will use the Alias in the url for that web page that uses that Menu Item, Article or Category.  If the Article is shown because it is in a Category, the Category alias will be part of the path, then the alias for individual Article will be listed along with its Article ID Number.

Example: http://joom3.zemplate.com/definitions the Menu Item, which is a Category List, for that page has an Alias of definitions.

Example: http://joom3.zemplate.com/definitions/19-cms Where definitions is the Category Alias, cms is the Article Alias and 19 is the Joomla ID number for that Article.

Note: If you change the Title for a Menu Item, Article or Category, Joomla does NOT automatically update the Alias.  If you want it to update the Alias, simply remove what it in the text box next to Alias.  Joomla will fill it in with an appropriate Alias when you Save the item - or you can type in an Alias of your own choosing.

Caution: Any pre-existing links using the url for that web page will be broken if you change the Alias. This includes any outside links to that page, including links from Search Engines.

Internal Links within Joomla

Joomla system of linking links to the id number for the page, so if you change the Alias, the other pages linking to that page and menu navigation should still function properly. It is important that you use the best way to link to other page on your site.

Click here for the joom3 article on creating links within your site. 

Alias and SEO

If the site settings allow it, the Alias is used in the URL for the page. This is important because of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • it should describe the content for the page for Search Engine purposes. If you have some obscure title for the article - you may want to think about creating an alias that better describes the content for the page
  • it should be readable by people - if someone has a bookmark or a list of URLs or something, you want them to be able to discern what is on this page by simply looking at the URL
  • once the page is out there on the web - you should not change the alias - even if you decide to change the title. Any links that were created by people bookmarking the site, any links from other sites, and most importantly, the list of links created by Search Engines for that page, will now be broken and people will not land on that page if they click on those links