With Joomla a Blog takes on a different meaning that what you think of as a site where someone writes numerous articles about a certain subject.

A Blog in Joomla is used with a Category Blog Menu Item Type that you choose when you are creating a new menu item. A Category Blog Menu Item Type or a Category List Menu Item Type will let you show many articles from a single Category on a web page. You can control whether it shows particular articles, the lastest articles, Intros to the Articles in that Category with a link to the full article.

Another feature of a Category Blog is that you can choose to show a set number of Articles on that page, but then have a list of the other Articles in the Category displayed on the page as well.

The thing about the Category Blog is that when you create a new Article and place it in that Category, it will automatically show up on the page with the Category Blog, or in the list.  The visitor can then read the entire article if he clicks on the title of the Article.  A page for that entire Article is created automatically, you do not have to create a new Menu Item for every new article as long as it is designated to be in that Category.