There are numerous available extensions for your Joomla 3 website. These extensions add additional functionality that is not provided with the Joomla core installation. 

This section of joom3 will cover how to install extensions, what to watch out for when installing extensions and review some of the most commonly installed extensions.

Extensions for Joomla 3 add specific functionality to the Joomla core installation. They are listed at http://extensions.joomla.org

Extensions may make complicated tasks much easier, expand on the basic Joomla text editor, improve website security, create shopping carts, assist with interacting with social web services, allow for easier interaction with web payment services, create interactive slideshows, or a number of other functions.

Below is a list of the most downloaded Joomla Extensions. These extensions are used in Joomla installations the most, likely have the best functionality, support and user base for questions. Always look at the reviews and ratings at http://extensions.joomla.org before loading any extension. Keep the number of extensions installed on your site to a minimum, as each extension requires upgrading and runs the risk of: conflicts with other extensions, adding files that slow webpage download speed and present an increase security risks. Only use trustworthy and highly rated extensions that work with your version of Joomla and keep up to date with new releases of Joomla.

Many popular Joomla extensions are free, but have additional components or functionality that require payment. Others have a cost up front, but save you hours of website management time.

This list is not intended as an endorsement of any of the Joomla Extensions listed. It is purely for your reference. Always do your own research. Be sure to look at Joomla's vulnerable extension list when researching extensions. Backup your entire site and database before installing any extension. Extensions shown in this list are all Joomla 3 compatible.

Click on the name of the extension in the table below to read more about this Joomla extension.