With Joomla 3 you can set it so that you save older versions of articles. This can come in handy if you need to revert back to an older version, or just check what was edited out with the newer article. If you have outside contributors, you may really find this feature handy.

Allow Articles to be saved in Article Manager Options

Save History button in Article Manager Options

Click on the Options button in Article Manager or go into Global Configuration -> Articles and click on the Editing Layout tab.

Be sure that the Save History option is set to Yes. Here you can also choose how many older versions of the Article to save. Remember that every time someone hits Save or Save & Close when editing an Article, a new "version" of the article will be added to the list. Increasing the Maximum Versions of the History in the Options will use more database space. If this is an issue, you may want to keep this number low.

How to access older versions of an Article in Joomla

Article Versions Button for Joomla

Once the feature is enabled in Article Manager Options Global Configuration, a button that reads "Versions" will appear in the Article Manager: Edit Article screen. Click on this button and you will see a list of any previous versions of the Article. If you have just recently enabled this feature, this list will not have many items in it.

Click on the date of the previous version and a window will pop up with the data for this older Article version. It will not only have the previous versions of the content, but it displays every bit of data saved for that Article for that date.

If you want to restore this version, close the popup window and click the checkbox next to the date. Then click on Restore in the top line. This will restore this older version and wipe out the current version.

You can also choose to save this version forever for some reason, click on the Keep Forever button.