There may be a situation where you wish to have a Menu Item in your horizontal navigation that is just the heading. When the user clicks on the heading the drop-down menu appears.

Setting up the original menu depends on your template and its position locations. This article is for those that already have a horizontal menu in place.

In the Administrative side of your Joomla installation, click on Menu in the top bar then select your particular menu where you want this dropdown item located. 

Click on New to create a new Menu Item

Type in the title for the menu. This title is what will show in the menu on the web page.

Click on Select next to Menu Item Type.


You will see a pop-up box with the various categories of Menu Item Types.

Screenshot for System Links Menu Item CategorySelect the System Links category and a sub menu will appear.

Screenshot for Menu Heading Menu TypeClick on Menu Heading

Click on Save & Close.

When you go to create the Menu Items that go under this heading, you will create which ever Menu Item Type you need, but then in the Parent Item drop down in Menu Manager: New Menu Item Details tab, you will select the Menu Item that you created for the drop down.