When you create an Article, you must type in a Title. The Article Title is very important as it is used in many ways.

  • This Article Title will show in the list of Articles in Article Manager. If you have many Articles, you want to be able to find the one you want easily in this list.
  • This Article Title will also show in the list of Articles when you want to create a Menu Item for that page.
  • This Article Title will show if you are linking to it with the link button in your Text Editor.
  • The Article Title will also be used by Joomla to create the Alias for the Article. The Alias will appear in the URL in the browser's address bar. You can type in your own Alias if you wish, or Joomla will do it automatically.
  • The Article Title can be important for SEO purposes for Search Engines to index and display your page correctly.
  • This Article Title will appear in a Category List or Blog
  • This Article Title will show up in webpage that lists all Articles with a specific Tag

You should give the Article a Title that tells you what is in that Article, but you may not wish to have this Article Ttle appear on the actual web page for that Article. It might be too lengthy or conflict with the Menu Item Title that appears on the page. You may also choose to put it a different <h1> or <h2> title for the Article within the Article content itself.

You can turn off the Article Title in a few places. You may only want to turn it off for this one Article or you may never want any Article Titles to show on your web pages. The settings for the Article Title appearance can override other settings or be overridden, so it can be tricky.

Keep in mind that there is the Article Title and also the Menu Item Title that might appear on the web page, depending on your settings. The Menu Item Title is assigned in the Menu Manager and can be for a Single Article or a Category Blog or Category List. You may want both, one or neither of these titles appearing on the web page. The Menu Item Title can appear at the top of the web page for that Article, it is also what appears in the navigational menu.

Turn off the Article Title for just the one Article

If the article is displayed on your site as a Menu Item Type of Single Article, you can choose to turn off the Article Title from within the Article in Article Manager. Click on the Options tab. Choose Hide for the Show Title option. Then Save the Article.

To clarify, the Options tab, Show Title allows you to use the Global Settings, which are set in Global Configuration and apply to Articles.  You can also choose Show or Hide, which will override the Global Configuration.

If this doesn't turn off the Article Title when you look at the page, then this setting is being overridden at the Menu Item level. You must then go into Menu Manager and open up the Menu Item for that Article. Go into the Options tab and select Hide next to Show Title.

Turn off all Titles on all Articles

You can choose to not have the titles show for any articles. You do this under Global Configuration in the System dropdown menu. Chose Article from the list of Components. You can also get to this Global Configuration menu by clicking on the Options button at the top in Article Manager.

Chose Hide next to Show Title under the Article tab.

Keep in mind that settings in the Article or Menu Item will override this setting in Global Configuration.

Turn off the Title for an Article that is displayed in a Category List or Blog

You can choose to turn off the Article Title that appears at the top of the Article when selected from an Category List or Blog. You do this in the Options tab for the Article itself. Next to Show Title, select Hide. This will only turn off the Article Title in the Article itself, the Title will still appear in the Category List or for the excerpt for the Article on the category Blog page itself.