Note: This article applies to the isis administrative template for Joomla 3+

You may have multiple Featured Articles for you Home Page or for some other page on your site like a Blog Page, etc. If you do not like the order that they are appearing on the page, you can change this order.

With the isis template, sorting the order of Featured Articles is done differently than sorting the order of Articles, Categories and Menu Items. In Article Manager, Category Manager and Menu Manager, you use the slide feature on the left with the double arrows. You click the double arrows at the top of the very left column to enable this feature. You then grab the three little dots and can slide the Articles, Categories, and Menu Items into new locations.

Change the Order of Featured Articles


For Featured Articles, you need to go into the Featured Article Manager under the Content dropdown menu. You will see a list of all the Featured Articles, and no others. If you want to add new articles, you must go into Article Manager and click on the little star next to the article title.

Once you are in the Featured Article Manager, click on the column title of Ordering. Once you click here, there will appear numbers and arrows below for each article. You can sort by numbers or use the arrows to rearrange the order. This reverts back to the way that things were ordered in Joomla 2+.

NOTE: You must click on the little double arrow next to the title Ordering to SAVE the order.

Choose to use this order for the Featured Articles Menu Item


Once you have changed the order, they may not appear any differently when viewing the web page itself. You must choose to display the articles by the Featured Articles Order within the Layout tab of the Menu Item. The Menu Item must be of the Type "Featured Articles". Go to the Layout tab. Scroll down to Article Order and use the pull down selector to choose Featured Articles Order

Save and Close the Menu Item and view the page. This should do the trick.