If you go int Article Manager, Module Manager or any Administrative Menu screen that shows a list of items, the default number of items to display is 20. If you want to see the other titles, you need to click on the pagination buttons at the bottom of the list.

This situation can be bothersome if you want to sort Articles or Module for display. You may just want to be able to scroll through more titles each time you visit.

Global Configuration for List Displays on the Back End

To change the default number of items in a list for Administrative Menu screens, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to: System -> Global Configuration -> Site tab 
Step 2: Default List LimitScroll down to the Default List Limit selector and choose a larger number than 20
Step 3: Click on Save & Close
Step 4: Test your setting in Article Manager or Module Manager and be sure that more than 20 items are being displayed at one time.

You may still choose to display "All" from the dropdown selector at the top right of the list. Unfortunately, "All" is not available as a default value, but there may be times when you need to show all the items in a list for sorting purposes.