If you want to show a list of the titles for your blog articles, or for any articles in a category in a side menu, you can create a Module that will do just that.

Go into Module Manager and create a new module of the type "Articles Category".

Extensions -> Module Manager - > New -> Articles Category

Module tab: Mode: Normal will only show the module on the menu items you select in Menu Assignment. Dynamic will automatically put the module on the pages in the list, if set to do so in the Dynamic Mode Options tab. Be sure to put the module into the correct position in this tab.

Menu Assignment: Here you choose which pages to display the module. If you chose Dynamic in the first tab, it will automatically only place the module on pages from that category, so you can leave this set to "On All Pages".

Dynamic Mode Options Tab: Here is where you can select to show the module on the pages with the Articles from the category selected.

Filtering Options: This is an important tab as you choose which category to filter. Inclusive means that you DO want articles from that category. Be sure to select the appropriate category in the Category Text box, by default it shows all categories. You can close that and choose a single category or multiple categories here. There are other options for filtering in this tab as well, like filtering articles from a single Author.

Ordering Options: You can show your articles by most recent date, alphabetically, etc.

Grouping Options: You can choose to group the articles by month, year, author, etc.

Display Options: You can show dates, intro text, read more, etc.