Yes. If you have the correct access level and the access level has the permission to Create, they can add a new article from the front end.

The default Access Levels for being able to Create articles are Author, Editor, Publisher and Super Administrator

The Access Level of Author or Editor can not Publish the article. He or she can create the article from the front end, but a Publisher or Super Administrator will have to publish it before the article is on the site.

Allow article creation from the Front End

Step 1: In the Administrative side of the site, you need to create a Menu Item of the type Create Article. This Menu Item can be put into a separate menu from your Main Menu if you wish. Name the new menu item something like "Add New". If you DO add it to your Main Menu, you can set the Access level of the Menu Item to Registered so that no one sees this option unless they are logged in.

Step 2: Log in to the Front End from a Login Form on a Front End page.

Step 3: Type in the site's URL, followed by a slash followed by the name of the page you created. This of course is if you have friendly URLs. If the new page was added to your main navigation, you can navigate to the page through your menu system.

Step 4: This prior step should take you to a page with Text Boxes for a Title and a Text Editor in which you can add the content. You can upload images, read more breaks, etc.

Step 5: There are other tabs, Publishing, Language and Metadata. The Publishing tab will allow you to place the Article into the correct Category. If you have Publishing rights, a button will appear that allows you to Publish the article.

Step 6: SAVE the article. It is now part of your site. If it was put into a Category with a Category List or Category Blog, it will be shown in those pages, that is if it was Published.

Step 7: If the creator does not have rights to publish the article, someone with Publisher or Super Admin access can publish it. The article will also show up on the back end if someone needs to create a menu item for it.