If you have administrators or other contributors to your site that have access to the backend of a Joomla site, but you don't want them to see which users are logged in, or maybe not see the section with the Most Recent Articles or the Popular Articles, you can choose to not display those modules.

If your user has been assigned to the Administrator User Group (not Super Administrator, just Administrator) he can log into the backend of Joomla and access the Administrative Menus. You can also set up a new custom User Group and tweak the permissions as you wish.

You may wish to set up a new Access Level under Users. You can assign only Super Administrators to this user group, so that you can assign modules to only this Access Level and Administrators will not see these modules. For our example, we will set up a new access level, name it Master Admin. For the User Groups we will select ONLY Super Administrators.

Changing the status on Modules may not be exactly what you are looking for for complete control of the Administrative Menu. You may wish to make it so they can't access certain areas, such as the Users menu or the global Configuration Menu. Read the joom3 article on How to restrict access to specific areas in the Administrative Menu.

You can also change the permission levels for user groups to configure, add, delete things in certain areas of the Administrative interface. This is done in the Permission tab under the Global Configuration for the various components.

Control the Display of Administrative Modules in Module Manager

Screenshot of Joomla 3 Administrative Modules

If you go to Extensions -> Module Manager, look at the list under Filter. These are filters that you can apply to display specific modules.

The very first Filter option is to filter by Site or Administrator. The Site modules are those that show up on the front end that the visitor sees. The Administrator modules are those that display on the back end

If you select the Administrator filter, you will see a list of the modules that are set up for the back end of Joomla.

When you are at the initial screen for the individual module you can select the Access Level.

You can open up any of these modules and click on the Module Permissions Tab. From here you can select Access Levels so only specified User Groups can view these modules. If you set up the Master Admin group as per the example, you can choose that Access Level for the modules that only Super Administrators will see.

Administrative Modules for Joomla 3

These are the default Administrative modules that create the various areas that you see on the Joomla Administrative interface. The backend template has a index.php and style sheet that defines the location and appearance for the module positions. Some 3rd party Extensions may add their own administrative modules.

Logged-in Users This is the module that shows which people are logged into the site, including any Registered users that may be logged into the front end. This module only appears in the Control Panel Screen. It is assigned to the cpanel position. 

Popular Articles This module is displayed in the Control Panel and displays which articles have the most hits.

Recently Added Articles This module displays in the Control Panel and displays the most recently added articles.

Joomla Version This module displays along the footer at the bottom of all screens of the Administrative Menu.

Quick Icons This is the list of shortcuts to the most used Administrative screens that shows up on the Control Panel screen.

Login This is a login form. We suggest that you leave the setting for this alone. Do not unpublish this or change the access level. You don't want to accidentally lock out those that are logging in.

Admin Menu This is the drop down menu along the top of the Administrator screen. If you change the access level for this, the non-super admins won't be able to navigate to any place other than the initial Control Panel screen.

User Status This module displays the status of the logged-in users down at the bottom of all the Administrative screens.

Admin sub-Menu This module shows the sub-Menu Navigation Module

Title This module shows the toolbar component title along the top of all Administrative screens. This title is things like Article Manager: Edit Article

Toolbar This Module shows the toolbar icons used to control actions throughout the administrator area.