When an article has Page Breaks inserted into it to keep the physical webpage from being too long or if an article is part of a Category Blog, there may be two buttons appearing at the bottom of the article. These buttons read Prev and Next. They are these so that the visitor can navigate to the next page or to the next article in the blog.

next prev buttons

There are several locations where you can set it so these buttons do not appear.

Global Configuration for Articles

global shownavigation

There are two ways to get to the Global Configuration settings for Articles and Categories. You can pull down System -> Global Configuration. You then click on Articles in the List of Components. The other way is to click on the Option button in Article Manager.

In the Global Configuration for Articles, the first tab is Articles. Scroll down to the option for Show Navigation. You can set this to Show or Hide.

The Global Configuration will be the default setting for new Articles or Menu Items. This setting may be overridden by settings for the Article or for the Menu Item.

Article Options

shownavigation articles

There is also a Show Navigation setting for the Article under the Options tab. In this case you can choose to set it to use the Global Configuration, to Hide or to Show.

Menu Item Options

shownavigation menuitem

If the Article is part of a Category Blog, there is also a Show Navigation setting under the Option tag in the Menu Item for that Category Blog.

Here you can choose to use the Global Configuration, the Article Settings, Hide or Show.