Yes, you may place a module inside the content of an Article using the Content - Load Modules Plug-in.

Step 1: Enable the Content - Load Modules Plug-in.

  1. Pull down Extensions -> Plug-in Manager
  2. Click on Content - Load Modules
  3. Be sure the Status is set to Enabled

Step 2: Create the Module in Module Manager

  1. In the dropdown selector where you specify your Position, type in a custom Position name (do not use any established Positions for your Template). For this example we will call the module position "alpha".
  2. Be sure that the Page with the Article has been selected in the Menu Assignment tab.  If you have not yet created this page, you will need to come back to this tab later an select the checkbox next to the page name.
  3. Save the Module.

Step 3: Open up the Article in which you want to display the Module.

  1. Inside the Article, find the place that you want to place the Module.
  2. Use this syntax to place the Module {loadposition alpha}.
  3. Save the Article.

Now when you open that web page in a webbrowser, you should see your Module.

There is one issue with this or placing any Module on a page that is not a Menu Item.  The issue is that the Page must be a Menu Item in order to be able to assign it in the Menu Assignment tab when creating the Module.  If the Article is going to be displayed in a Category List, you can not assign a module to just that page.  It is due to the way that pages and modules are set up in the MySQL database and their id numbers.