By default, when you create a new User in User Manager, Joomla will send an email to the email address associated with that User.

There may be times when you don't want an email sent out for security reasons, or maybe you are creating mass User Profiles for a developments site, or some other reason.

You can disable this feature in the Plug-in that controls it.

Extensions -> Plug-in Manager

 Search for the Plug-in titled User-Joomla. Click on the Plug-in and go to the Basic Options tab.

notificationemailClick No for Notification Mail to User.

Note: There are all sorts of Forums and Joomla Help sites that say that you need to hack the core to get around this issue of the Notification Email.  Always think twice before hacking the core.


Now, if all you want to do is make it so the email sent does not contain the Password, you can control that by the following steps:

Users -> User Manager -> Options (in the Actions menu with the gear icon)

sendpasswordSelect No, and the email will be sent (if the Plug-in User-Joomla Notification Mail to User is set to Yes) but it will not contain the password.