loginform-moduleBy default, if you add the Login Form to your Joomla site as a Menu Item or a module, Joomla adds three lines below the forms text boxes. these are:

  • Create an account
  • Forgot your username?
  • Forgot your password?

If you have a site where individuals need to login to view restricted content or contribute articles, you need to have the Login Form. But you may not want the average visitor to your site be able to register.

This is all controlled by the Global Cofiguration for Users Manager.

System -> Global Configuration -> Users Manager (in the list on the left in Joomla 3) -> Component Tab

allowuserregistrationTo disable the Login Form from allowing User Registration, Click No on the option for Allow User Registration. Then click on Save & Close.

All three of the Options listed above will disappear from the Login Form.