Joomla 3.x Requirements

For Joomla 3+ to run, the hosting environment must meet the minimum requirements. You will have trouble with installation or upgrades if your hosting company does not offer the proper releases for PHP, MySQL and Apache. This holds true for those installing Joomla on a local computer with XAMPP, WAMP or LAMP.

SoftwareRecommendedMinimumMore information
PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off) 5.4 + 5.3.10 +
Supported Databases:
MySQL (InnoDB support required) 5.1 + 5.1 +
MSSQL 10.50.1600.1+ 10.50.1600.1+
PostgreSQL 8.3.18 + 8.3.18 +
Supported Web Servers:
(with mod_mysql, mod_xml,
and mod_zlib)
2.x + 2.x +
Nginx 1.1 1.0
Microsoft IIS 7 7


To see the technical requirements for any Joomla installation, visit the page: