JCE Editor is a free 3rd Party Extension that gives you the option of using a more extensive text editor than the default TinyMCE.

The benefits of the JCE Text Editor over the default TinyMCE Editor are:

  • More options for modifying your content
  • Expanded options when creating links
  • Ease of uploading to or selecting images from your images directory
  • Ease in setting inline styling for images
  • Improved integration with stylesheets
  • Ease in creating and modifyling tables

A screenshot of the JCE Editor Text Editor for Joomla 3

When I set up a Joomla site, the first thing I do is install the JCE Editor extension before creating any Articles or Modules.

To download the free extension, visit www.joomlacontenteditor.net. See the joom3 article about Extension Manager if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Once you have installed the JCE Text Editor, you must make it so the Global configuration is set to make it the default Text Editor.

System -> Global Configuration -> Site (tab) - > Site Settings -> Default Editor

defaulteditorNext to Default Editor, select Editor - JCE from the pull down selector. Select Save & Close.  Now when you go to create an Article, the Text Editor will be JCE Editor.


Click here for the joom3 article on the basic HTML tags that you should know if you are creating content for the internet.