One of these tools is activated using the Link icon.

This opens up a dialog box that allows you to do all sorts of things with your link to another web page.

JCE Editor come with some very powerful tools that make creating content much easier.


The Link Tab

URL: If you have the url for an web page outside of your Joomla site, you may enter it here.  You need to add the entire url including http://

Text: You may enter the text that will appear on the web page as the link.


This icon allows you to browse your site if you are linking to a document such as a .pdf or an image. The path to that document will then be automatically inserted into the URL text box.


link-email This will open up a dialog box where you can insert an email address for the link, and you can add addition email addresses and a subject line. The link will then include the href="mailto:..." formmating that will open up the users default email program.


Internal Links 

Search: If you are planning to link to a web page or article on your own Joomla site, you may use this to filter out titles using the term you type into the text box. Once you have selected the menu item or article from the list, the php generated path to that item will be automatically inserted into the URL text box.

Contacts: If you have Contacts set up for your site, you may open this section up to choose from an existing Contact

Content: If you want to link to an article that is not a designated Menu Item, you can do so here. This will insert the PHP generated code to the menu item into the URL, but will create a friendly URL (if enabled in Global Configuration) if the link is copied or hovered over.

Warning: If you just link to an article, the formatting on the web page may or may not be to your liking.  Articles brought up this way many not have all of the modules assigned to them that a Menu Item will have. This depends on how you have set up your modules.

Menu:  This will allow you to link to an existing Menu Item. This will insert the PHP generated code to the menu item into the URL, but will create a friendly URL (if enabled in Global Configuration) if the link is copied or hovered over. This is prefered over entering a worded link, bacause if you change the Title or the heirarchy for the Menu Item, the link will still work.

Weblinks: If you have set up Weblinks using the Weblink component, you may choose from them here.


Article Anchors: If you link to a web page that contains anchor tags anchortag, the pulldown selector will list them and allow you to select from them.  What this does is takes the users directly to that section of the page.

Target: You may select how you wish the links page to open.

Title: If you want to place a Title for the link, you can do so here.  What this does is place a box of the specified text into the web page when the user hovers over the link. You might want to put an explanation or teaser content in here. It adds title="" to the HTML for the link.

links-advancedtabThe Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab of the JCE Editor Link dialog box allows you to place some advanced features for your link.

ID: If you want to target this link for some reason, say with styling or JavaScript, you may enter the term here.  This will add id="" to the <a> tag for the link

Style: If you want to add specific inline styling for the link tag, you may do so here. You type in the HTML code just like you would if you were writing the code by hand, example color="#4455ef"; complete with the quotation marks and semicolon to separate styles.

Class List: If you have linked your JCE Editor to your stylesheets in Global Configuration, you may select from an existing class here

Classes: If you just want to type in a class name or names from your stylesheet, you may do so here. Separate multiple class names with spaces.

You may have need for the other options in the Advanced Tab such as the Language Direction, Tab Index, Access Key, etc.

links-popuptabThe Popups Tab

If you want a popup box to appear on the page rather than a new browser page or tab, you can make that happen here. JCE Editor comes with one variety of Popup by default, but you can download extensions from their website,,  that give you extended functionality for the popups.

The default popup actually opens up a web browser window, not a light box, but you can turn off the toolbars and scroll bars if you want it to be minimalized.

Use the pulldown selector and choose Window Popups. 

Title: You may enter a Title for the popup here.  It will show up as text when the user hovers over the lin.

Dimensions: you may set the dimensions for the popup here. Be careful what you select if your site is used frequently by mobile devices.

Position: you can control where the popup box will appear.

Options: turn off the browser window features if you want the popup box to be more minimalistic.