menuitem-usersmanagerWhen creating a Menu Item, there are several types listed under Users Manager.

Login Form: This will create a Login Form in the content area of the page.  Login Forms can also be created by modules. 

User Profile: This will create a Front End page that has the user's Joomla profile information. If the user is not logged into the Front End of the site, they will not be able to see their User Profile. In this case the page will show a Login Form instead.  With the Login Form will be the opportunity to request the password information be sent to the user if they have forgotten it.

The Joomla User Profile information will have the Name, Username, Registered Date and Last Visited Date. It also shows the Basic Settings such as the Text Editor, Time Zone preference, Frontend Language if they are a Registered User.  If they have been assigned to an Administrative Access Level, the Basic Settings will also show their preferred Back End template style, Back End language and Help Site.

There will also be an opportunity for them to edit their profile, such as change their password or email address, as well as the Basic Settings.

Edit User Profile: This will create a page where the user can change his/her Joomla User Profile information.  It is somewhat like the User Profile page - except the user is take directly to the page where they can edit the information.  Like the User Profile Menu Item, the page will show a Login Form if they are not currently logged into the site.

Registration Form: This will create a page with the Registration Form for new users to sign up with the site. The form will have text boxes for Name, Username, Password and Email Address information.

Username Reminder Request: This will create a page with request that the user enter the email address associated with the User Account. The Username will be sent to that email account.  This is for those that may have forgotten their Username. It does not send their password.  

If the person has forgotten his/her password, they can click on Forgot your password? under the Login From. An email will be sent to the user's email account with a link to reset the password and a verification code.  They can click on the link to  get to a page on the site where they can enter their Username and the code that was sent to them.  

The email account that is being used must coincide with an email account that is associated with a Registered User Profile. Be aware that the security here is not the best.  If someone can access the user's email account, they can reset the password and get into the Front End of the site.  If the user has administrative access level, they can get into the Back End of the site. 

Password Reset: This will create a page that requests the user's email address that is associated with his/her account.  An email with a link to a password reset page on the web site and verification code will be sent to that email address.

Note: These pages will come up automatically for certain registration functions whether you created a Menu Item for them or not.  By creating a Menu Item, this means that they will show up in a Menu and that you can now create links to these specific pages if you need to for some reason.