Each page of your Joomla website will have a <title> tag in the <head> section of the document.

The contents of the <title> tag is what will show up on the browser tab and what will show up as the clickable page title in a list of search engine results. It will also shown as the title of a shortcut if someone bookmarks the page for their browser's shortcuts. This title tag is important to your users so they know what the page contains and it is important for Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

How does Joomla compile the title for the title tag?

Joomla uses various pieces of information from your site to compile a unique <title> tag for every page on your website.

The Site Name

Site Name Form FieldSite title in URL

The Site Name for your Joomla site is declared in the Global Configuration section under the System pulldown menu.

In the SEO Settings section of Global Configuration, you can choose to include, or not to include, the name of your site in every <title> tag for every page of your web site. The options are:

No - do not include the Site Name in the <title> tag

Before - add the Site Name to the beginning of the <title> tag before the Menu Item title, Article title, Contact Name, etc.

After - add the Site Name to the end of the <title> tag after the Menu Item title, Article title, Contact Name, etc.

Note: Google suggests that you DO brand your <title> with something like your company name, site name, etc.

The Menu Item Title

When you create a Menu Item, you are usually creating a new web page for your Joomla site. This Menu Item can be a single article, a listing of articles in a category, a single contact, a login page, a search page, or other possibilities. The Menu Item will show up in the navigation for your site if the menu is associated with a Menu Module

Each Menu Item will have a title. This title will be the <title> tag for the page created by the Menu Item. 

You may change the Browser Page Title in the Page Display tab. This will also change the contents of the <title> tag. You may choose to do this to elaborate on the title if the Menu Item title is short to fit into the navigational menu, or for other reasons.

The Article Title

If the webpage is a Single Article Menu Item, the content of the <title> tag will come from the Menu Item title.

If the webpage is an Article that was listed in a Category List or Menu, the contents of the <title> tag will be the title of the Article as listed in the Article Manager.

What should be in the <title> tag for SEO purposes?

♦ Each page should have a unique title: Joomla takes care of this for you.

♦ The title should be a good, but brief, description of the contents of that page.

 Avoid stuffing keywords into the title. This is confusing for the viewer and can harm your search engine rankings.

♦ Keep the title short and the keywords at the beginning of the title. When the title is be displayed in the search engine results, only about 60 characters are displayed. Even fewer characters are displayed in the browser tab.

 Avoid misleading titles, this can harm your rankings as visitor's will jump right out of your page when they don't see what they are looking for.