In regards to SEO, keywords are the words, or combination of words, that a user will most likely type into a search engine form field to search for a web site.

Some visitors will be savvy about their searches and type elaborate phrases, others will use very general phrases. Some visitors from a certain region of the country may use one word, while someone from a different region may use a completely different word. If your business only reaches out to people in a certain area, you need to be sure to add that area in your keywords.

There is a meta tag for keywords in the <head> section of your Joomla web page. You should also place keywords into the content of your site in logical locations. think of different ways of using the keywords to avoid confusing and annoying repetition.

Rules for using keywords:

  • Keywords are not just a group of words in the <meta> tag section of the <head> of your document.
  • Keywords should be threaded into your pages content throughout your website.
  • Each page should have keywords that are unique to that pages topic.
  • You should not abuse the use of keywords by added them too often. 
  • You should not confuse the reader by using too many different ways of referring to the same topic.

What keywords should you use in your site?

Think about what terms a visitor would type into a Google search box to find your site. Think about general keywords and think about keywords unique to your product.

What are you selling?

If you are selling a product, the name of the product or service is a keyword. Also think of unique aspects of your particular service or product that might set your website apart from others.

Where are you located?

If you are serving people restricted to a particular area, such as a restaurant or law firm, that area, city, state, community, is a keyword

How to add meta keywords in Joomla

There are several locations where you can add meta keywords to your site's <head> section with Joomla.

Global Configuration

In the Metadata section of the Global Configuration, there is a textbox to place keywords. This meta keyword section will be placed on every page of your Joomla site unless there is another set of keywords added at the Menu Item level, or with the Category, Article or Contact.

Menu Item level

When you create a Menu Item in Menu Manager, you can add meta keywords for that particular page in the Metadata tab.

Category, Articles and Contacts

Each of these areas has a Publishing tab where you can add keywords for the associated page.