Beyond what you can do with the settings in Joomla to aid SEO for your site, there are other steps you should take to improve your rankings and visitor flow.

Some of these steps are quite simple, others will need to be thought through and implemented with care. Here is a list of steps with explanations, that you should consider when first setting up your web site and as you add additional pages.


Your menu structure should be easy and understandable.

There should be obvious links to other sections of your site.

The titles of the menu items should be short but descriptive.

Have several ways for the visitor to get to other pages.

Add interior links within the content and on the side columns.


Is your site too cluttered and confusing or attractive and inviting?

Do you have a consistent color scheme and feel to your web site that complements the subject matter.

It your content displayed in a readable font style and size?

Is the content too cramped or too spread out, making it difficult to follow.


Watch the graphics. Those big photos and fancy slideshows look really nice, but are they slowing down the speed load.

Have you minimized the style sheets and reduced the JavaScript js files to a minimum for the fastest page load?

If the visitor has to wait long for the page to load, he likely will leave.


You need to have actual words for the search engine crawlers to index your site. Photos and graphics are great, but the visitor searches with words.

Is your content in a easy to read font and laid out in a readable fashion? The font size should not be so small as to strain the eyes, but not so large that the visitor must constantly scroll the page.


Advertisements may be a necessary evil, but are they to the point of annoying the visitor to the extent that he leaves the site in frustration?