There are certain things that you should not do and things you should watch out for with your site if you are concerned with Search Engine Optimization. Some common mistakes that people make when creating, editing or reorganizing their Joomla website can harm their search engine rankings and make it more difficult for visitors to find their site.

Here is a list of a few things that can cause problems with SEO and your Joomla site.

Unreadable URLs for your web pages

Joomla has a way to show User Friendly URLs in the browser's address bar rather than displaying unreadable code and id numbers.

Joomla is a CMS, Content Management System, that compiles each web page on your site following the settings you have assigned in your Administrative Interface. Each page is compiled from the content in your database and the modules assigned to that page. If you do not enable Search Engine Friendly URLs in your Global Configuration, you will see the unreadable code in the url

Reorganizing the site and changing all the URLs

You may be migrating your site from an old HTML based site or from another CMS system like WordPress or you may be reorganizing your site's structure. These changes will like change the URL's for almost all of the pages on your site.

If your site had been up for months or years, the previous URLs for the pages are what the search engines have in their index. There are also incoming links and bookmarks with these old URLs. 

You need to be sure to create Redirects either in the .htaccess or with Joomla's Redirect component.

Keyword stuffing

Google has algorithms, computerized methods, that seek out sites that are trying to cheat. You need to be sure that your site does not fall into this category. Keyword stuffing also makes it frustration for the person reading the page

Slow site speed

There are several steps that you can take to improve the download speed for your web page. Having a site that appears quickly in the browser keeps the visitor's attention and minimizes his frustration. It also entices him to navigate through the site. Extensions can have components and plugins that slow down your Joomla website, large graphic files also cause issues. Here are a few steps to consider to speed up your Joomla website:

  • Use a decent web hosting service that provides adequate download speeds. If you have a great deal of traffic, consider dedicated hosting.
  • Optimize your graphics for the web, don't upload enormous image files for display on your site. 
  • Watch the file size of the JavaScript .js files and style sheets.
  • Enable the built-in cache system that Joomla provides.
  • Consider 3rd Party Extensions that take steps to speed up your site.

Confusing Navigation

Be sure that it is clear how to navigate your site. The visitor will not stick around if he can not figure out how to get what he is seeking.