After you have installed your Joomla site on your host's server or a local machine, to get to Joomla's Admin Menu, open a browser, type in the url of your site followed by /administrator.


You will come to a screen with a Joomla login form.  

Enter your Joomla user name and password that you set up with the site installation and click on the Log in Button. If you were not the person that set up the Joomla Installation, you will need to be added as a User with Administrative Rights to log into the Back End.

Joomla will now take you to the Administrative side or Back End of your web site.

Control Panel aka Dashboard

When you first log into the the Administrative side of Joomla, you will land on the Control Panel, also known as the Dashboard. From here you can quickly access any part of the administrative controls.

Click here to read more about the Joomla Control Panel...

Dropdown Menus

The Joomla 3 Admin Menu gives you access to the various dropdown menus that control the basic functionality for Joomla. These dropdown menus are available and identical on every screen of the administrative menu, allowing you to quickly navigate from one section to another. Listed below are the default features that are available without having to add extensions to your site.

  • System:
    Control Panel, Global Configuration, Global Check-in, Clear Cache, Purge Expired Cache, System Information
  • Users
    User Manager, Groups, Access Levels, User Notes, User Note Categories, Mass Mail Users
  • Menus:
    Menu Manager, a list of existing menus 
  • Content:
    Article Manager, Category Manager, Featured Articles, Media Manager
  • Components:
    Banners, Contacts, Joomla! Update, Messaging, Newsfeeds, Redirect, Search, Smart Search, Weblinks, Any Additional 3rd Party Components
  • Extensions:
    Extension Manager, Module Manager, Plug-in Manager, Template Manager, Language Manager
  • Help:
    Joomla Help, Official Support Forum, Documentation Wiki, Joomla Extensions, Joomla Translations, Joomla Resources, Community Portal, Security Center, Developer Resources, Joomla Shop

Getting to know the administrative side

The administrative side of a Joomla site can be a bit daunting at first.  There are several ways of going about learning a CMS.  You can study all of the features, or you can get to know the ones that you will use most, and then expand your knowledge of the others on an as-needed basis.