The Tags component controls the Tags for your Joomla 3 website. You can add one or more Tags to an Article. From the Article itself you can create a new tag or choose form a list of existing tags. You can also create your tag names under the Component -> Tags dropdown. These tags will be displayed with the Article on the webpage. If the visitor clicks on one of the tags, a new webpage will appear with a list of all the Articles with that tag will be displayed. The Global Configuration for the Tags Component sets the parameters for the display of these tags.

To get to these settings for the Global Configuration, follow this path:

System -> Global Configuration -> Tags (in the left hand column under Components)

The Tags Configuration screen has numerous tabs to control what the tags can do for your site. The settings in Global Configuration are the default settings that will be applied to all tags through out the site. These settings can be overwritten for individual Articles or Categories.

Tag Item Options Tab

Global Configuration for tags

Save History: This will allow your site to save the name of old tags along with the database information for that tag such as the description. You can view this information if needed, and restore it if you wish.

Maximum Versions: This sets the maximum number of older tag versions. If you have database space issue, you may want to keep this number low.

Show tag name: This set whether you want the Tag Name to show when the site creates the webpage with the list of articles for that tag.

Tag Image: you can have an image associated with each tag. This setting controls if that image is shown by default.

Tag Description: You can have a description that goes along with each tag, similar to the description for Categories. This controls whether the description is show along with the listing of Articles for that tag.

Image: You can have an image that goes along will all tags. This image will show if no tag is set for the individual tags. You can upload that default image here.

Show number of items: This should show the number of items that go with the tag, but it doesn't specify where this number appears. 

Order: This sets the order in which the items will be displayed, such as by title or date.

Direction: This sets the order to be ascending or descending for the displayed items.

Table Headings: This sets to show or hide the headings in a table layout for the items.

Show Date: This sets whether to show the date and whether to set it for the Created, Published or Modified date.

Item Images: This sets whether to show the images for the items, say if you have an image set for the article.

Item Description: This sets whether to hide or show the Item Description if there is one.

Maximum Characters: This sets the maximum characters allowed for the description.

Item Selection Options Tab

This tab allows you to set the settings that control which items get selected with the list layout for the Tagged Items.

Item Selection Options

Match Type: Setting this to Any will display items that have at least one of the tags, All will return items that have all of the tags.

Child Tags: This will set whether to display items that have child tags of the parent tag.

Maximum Items: This sets the maximum items displayed in the results.

Language Filter: If you site has other language components installed, you may select the default language for the Tag Result Display here.

List  All Tags Option Tab

Global Configuration for tags List all tags tab

These settings control a List of All Tags. These settings can be changed for individual Menu Items.

Default List All Tags Layout: if you have set up other Layouts or have a template with other layouts, this is where you change that setting.

Order: This controls in which order the Tagged Items are displayed.

Direction: This sets the order to ascending or descending

Item Images: this controls whether the Item Images are display in the result list.

Tag Descriptions: This set whether the description is shown with the tag.

Maximum Characters: This controls the length of the description

Hits: This controls whether the number of Hits for that item is displayed.

Other tabs in the Global Configuration for tags are:

Shared Layout Options, Data Entry Options, Integration and Permissions.