Content is the heart of your web site. Content consists of the Articles that inhabit your pages along with the photos, illustrations, videos, and document links.

Content is managed using the four sections Article Manager, Category Manager, Featured Articles and Media Manager. 

Category Manager

With Joomla, you organize your Articles by placing them in a Category.  The Categories allow you to organize your content in a logical manner, filter your Articles to locate them more easily for editing. filter your Articles for Menu Item Types so that you can set up web pages that either show the articles in a specified Category or list all of the Articles in the specified Category.  

There are many other ways that Joomla uses these Categories to manage your content, so it is best if you thoroughly plan how you want to approach the organization of your Articles and Categories.  

Article Manager

The Article Manager allows you to create, edit, sort, publish/unpublish, delete Articles or set as Featured. You can also set the Access Level for the Articles so that only certain people can view them. There are multiple other settings available for Articles for displaying them they way that you would like. And you can also enter Meta Data within the Article Manager for SEO purposes.

Featured Articles

There may be certain articles that have a higher priority or of a special topic or written on a timely basis that you wish to set them as Featured.  There are many display options throughout the Joomla interface where you can choose to use Featured Articles in a specified manner.

Media Manager

Media Manager is the default interface for uploading images, videos and documents.  There are other approaches for doing this as well, such as JCE File Browser which is installed with the free JCE Editor Extension, which I find works much better and is much more user friendly.  You can also use an FTP interface, cPanel or your hosting company's file managerl for uploading/managing your Media.