Article Index


Article Manager is where you create, edit, publish, delete Articles.  It is also the place to set many other features that modify the appearance of your articles.

You can get to Articla Manager by clicking on Content in the top menu of the Administrative Interface or through the Quick Icons on the Dashboard. Articles and Categories are closely interlinked and you can easily get to the Category Manager from the Article Manager screen.

Article Actions


Across the top of the Article Manager screen is the list of actions that you can select. Click New when you want to create an Article. You can edit an existing article by clicking on the checkbox and selecting Edit - or you can just click on the name of the Article in the list. You can Publish, Unpublish, set to Featured, Archive, Check-in or Trash multiple articles at once by clicking the checkbox next to the name of the Articles then selecting the appropriate action at the top. Batch allows you to Copy or Move the article along with setting the Access Level. Language and Category for the Article. Options takes you to the Global Configuration settings for Articles and Categories. Help takes you to the site where you can find technical help on the Article Manager.

Create a New Article

To create a new Article, click on New. This brings up the Article Manager: Add New Article screen. Across the top are the actions you can take. Save the article when you are done or in the middle of editing if you would like. Save & Close will save the Article and take you back to the list of all of the Articles, Save + New will save the current Article and give you a fresh screen to create another new one. Cancel will not save the Article and takes you back to the list of all of the Articles. Help takes you to a window on this topic.

There are several tabs above the Text Editor that allow you to modify the settings for the Articles. We will cover these areas later in this section.

The Title of the Article is what will appear in the list of all of the Articles.  It can also be used as the the main heading on the page where the article appears, but you can turn that on or off. Category is a dropdown list of all the Categories that you have created.  If you happen to be writing the Article before you created the Category for it, you can leave it set to Uncategorized then come back later and change this setting.

To understand the relationship between Categories, Articles and Menus, read this joom3 article on Understanding Categories, Articles & Menus CAM.