Within the Global Configuration for Articles or Article Manager Options, the Articles tab will control the display of an Article when it is used as content in a webpage on your site. Below are the various options for the display of the article. You can get to these options through System -> Global Configuration or by clicking on the Options button in Article Manager.

Choose a layout: Here you can choose a default layout for your articles if you have set up multiple layouts or layouts came with your template.

Show Title: You can choose if want to have the Title of the Article be the heading of the web page. You can choose to not have the title show. Default: Show

Linked Titles:  If you have your articles in a Category Blog or a Category List, this setting makes it so the visitor can click on the title and see the article on a page of its own. Default: Yes

Show Intro Text: If you have Category Blog as the Menu Item Type, you may have multiple articles appearing on one web page all under a single Category.  If you only want Intro text for the articles  then a link to the article, you want this set to Show. Intro text is defined by what is above the Read More break that you can insert when creating the article in the text editor.  Default: Show

Position of Article Info: Article Info is the Author, Date and Category of the Article. If you have this set to show with the article, this option allows you to place that information at the top or the bottom of the article. Default: Above

Show Category: You may choose if you want the Category displayed with the Article. Default: Show

Link Category: This would make the Category title a link to the entire Category of articles. Default: Yes

Show Parent: if your Category is a subcategory of a Parent Category, this option allows the Parent Category to be displayed on the page. Default: Hide

Link Parent: If you want the Parent Category to be a link to the articles in that Category. Default: No

Show Author: This will show the Author's name with the Article Information at the top of the Article by default. Default: Show

Link Author: If there has been a Contact created in the Contact Component for the author of the article, this will link to page with his/her Contact Information. Default: No

Show Create Date: This will add the date that the article was originally created to the Article Information. Default: Hide

Show Modify Date: This will add the date that the article was last modified to the Article Information. Default: Hide

Show Publish Date: This will add the date that the article was published to the Article Information. Default: Show

Show Navigation: This will add a Previous and Next button at the bottom of the Articles to go to the next article within that Category. Default: Show

Show Voting: If enabled, a voting system will be added to the Article

Show Title with Read More: If the Article has Read More included, this would add the Title of the Article to the Read More. Used with Category Blogs. Default: Show

Read More Limit: This sets how many words will be allowed in the article before Read More is placed in the Article.  This is used with Category Blogs. Default: 100 characters.

Show Icons:  If you would like the Print and Email icon at the top fo the article, this will turn on the images.

Show Print Icon:  You can choose to show or not show the Print Icon.

Show Email Icon: You can choose to show or not show the Email icon.

Show Unauthorised Links: Unauthorised Links are links to Registered content within your site. This option will show the link but the visitor will have to log in to see the actual content.

Positioning of the Links: If you want the links above or below the content.

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Resources: Article Manager Options