Global Configurations for articles: Category tab

The Category tab of the Article Manager Options allows you to modify the layout of a Single Category Menu Type . You can get to this tab by going to System -> Global Configuration -> Article or by clicking on the Options button in Article Manager.

Choose a layout: This will allow you to set a default layout of a Blog layout or a List Layout for your Articles when you click on a Category Link. If you have created other layouts or other layouts cam with your template, you can choose that here.

Category Title: You can opt to show the Category title on every page with an Article associated with that Category.

Category Description: If you put something in the description text box when you created the category, you can choose to show that description on every web page associated with that Category.

Category Image: If you specified an image for a Category when you created the Category, you can choose to show that image on every web page associated with that Category.

Subcategory: You can create Categories that reside below other Categories in the Joomla hierarchy. This setting allows you to specify if you want those Subcategories to appear with the parent Category in the Category view.

Empty Categories: When you create Categories, you may be creating a few that do not yet have articles in them, but may have some in the future.  This option allows you to set whether these empty Categories are shown in the Category list.  If later an Article is assigned to that Category, it will show up in the list as it is no longer empty.

No Articles Message: If you have the Empty Categories set to Show, but the Category is empty, Joomla will have a line of text that states that this Category contains no articles.  You may turn that off if you wish and nothing will show on that page if there are no articles assigned to that category.

Subcategories Descriptions: You may want to turn off the descriptions of the subcategories if the page is getting too cluttered or you may want them turned on for clarification. Set that feature here.

# Articles in a Category: This will toggle on/off a line of text that states how many Articles are in the Category.

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Resources: Article Manager Options