Global Configurations for Articles: Categories tab

The Categories tab of the Article Manager Options has the settings that control the display of the Menu Item Type: List all Categories. This Menu Item Type shows a list of all of the Categories and or Subcategories. You can get to this tab from System -> Global Configurations -> Articles or by clicking on the Options button in Article Manager. These are the Global settings, but can be overridden for particular Menu Items in the Menu Manager.

Top Level Category Description: Hide or Show the description of the top-level category if the description was created when the top level category was created.  If the top level category is Root, you must enter a description in the Menu Item Advanced Option tab for anything to show up if this is set to Show.

Subcategory Levels: You may show many levels of subcategories you want the Category List to show.

Empty Categories: Choose if you want all of the Categories to show, even if they do not yet contain Articles.

Subcategory Descriptions: Choose if you want to show the description (if created) for Subcategories.

# Articles in a Category: Choose if you want the Category list to display the number of Article in each Category.

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Resources: Article Manager Options

Resources: Article Manager Options