Global Configurations - Articles - Blog/Featured Layouts Tab

The Blog/Featured Layouts tab of the Article Manager Options controls the global settings for when you select a Menu Item Type of Category Blog or Featured Articles. This can be found under System -> Global Configurations - > Articles or by clicking on the Options button in Article Manager

Let us first discuss the Blog format in Joomla. Blog can have other connotations, but here is simply means when you select Category Blog as a Menu Item Type, that page will show all of the articles in that Category per the settings that you have specified. This Blog format can be used for many things other that on-going blog entries.  It is usually a list of Articles within a Category with the Intro Text shown and a link to the full article.

Example: You want your content area on a particular page to be split into two columns with a separate heading for each column.  You can do this with a Category Blog.  Simply assign just the two articles to that Category, then select 0 for the #Leading Articles and 2 for the #Intro articles and 2 for the #of Columns.  Just make sure that your Intro settings allow for the full article to show.

Of course, as always with these Global Configuration settings, you can override these for individual pages at the Menu Item level.

# Leading Articles: Leading Articles take up the entire width of the content area. This allows you to select if you want 0, 1, 2, etc.  If you have a number greater than 2 entered here, the articles will be stacked according to how you have selected to order them *.

# Intro Articles: These are the side by side articles that sit below the Leading Article, if your column width is 2 or more.  If you have 0 for the Leading Article, these will rise to the top of the content area.  

# Columns: Enter how many column you want for your Intro Articles.

# Links: These Links will be created if you have more Articles in the Category than what you chose to display on the page. 

Multi Column Order: The options are Down and Across.  What this means is whatever you have selected for the order of your articles**, you can choose to have them in that order going down the page then finishing in the second column, or going from left to right.

Include Subcategories: Select if you want the page to show the articles in the Subcategories.

* The order that your Leading Articles, Intro Articles, List of Articles or List of Categories are placed are determined by the settings in the Shared Option tab of Article Manager Options. You can override these settings in the Advanced Options for the individual Menu Item.  For Categories you may choose Title Alphabetical/Reverse Alphabetical or Category Manager Order. Category Manager Order means that you can rearrange them in the Category Manager to what ever order you wish. With Joomla 3, to change the order of the Categories, click on the double arrow at the top left corner of the list.  This changes the three little squares for each Category from grey to black. From here you can grab the three squares and drag the Categories up or down to your liking.

**You have many Options for the Article Order within the Shared Option tab of Article Manager Options or the Advanced Tab for the Menu Item Type. You can sort by the Featured Articles Order, Most Recent first or last, Alphabetical by title, Alphabetical by Author, Popularity (hits), or Article Manager Order.

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