Global Configuration for Articles List Layout Tab

The List Layout tab in the Article Manager Options allows you to specify how you want Lists to be shown when you select Category List for the Menu Item Type.

By default, when you select a Category List, Joomla shows a list of all of the Article Titles in a Category in a table or spreadsheet layout.  It displays a pulldown selector that allows the user to specify how many Articles they want to show, Table Headings, the number of hits the Article has received and the name of the Author.  

It may be that you do not wish to show all of this information, but instead all you want to show are the Article titles, or maybe the titles and the Authors.

Display Select: this turns off the pulldown selector for choosing how many articles to display.

Filter Field: This option will show a text box where the user can enter a word by which to filter the list. You can choose to not show the Filter Field, or to have it filter by Title, Author or Hits.

Table Headings: This lets you choose if you want to display a heading on top of each column in your list of Articles.

Show Date: This allows you to select if you want to show the date in the list, and whether you want that date to be the Created, Modified or Published date.

Date Format: By default, Joomla will show the European style of date, ie 12 January 2014.  If you want the style of date used in the United States, enter F j, Y into the text field.

Show Hits is List: This toggles whether to display the nuber of Hits the article has received.

Show Author in List: This toggles if you want the name of the Author to be displayed in the list.

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Resources: Article Manager Options