Article Index


Finding an Existing Article with Filters

If you have a site that has been fully developed, you may have scores of articles in your list under Article Manager.  You can easily find a particular Article by using the different ways of filtering the list.

listtotalAlphabetical Listing

By default the articles are sorted alphabetically by title and 20 at a time.  

If you have more that 20 articles, you may see that there is a pagination (1, 2, 3, 4...) selection at the bottom to get to the other items in the list.  There is also a pulldown selector at the top right corner of the list where you can tell Joomla to display more articles in the list at one time. You can change the settings in Global Configuration to show more articles in the list or show all the articles in the list every time you view the list.

articlesearchSearch by Title

At the top of the list is a text box with a magnifying glass button and a fat X button.  If you know one or more of the words in the title of the article, you can type it in here and Joomla will filter the list to show only those titles that have those words.




You can choose to filter the list by only articles that are Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.


You can choose to show only the articles that are designated to a specific Category.


Here you can filter out articles that have a designated Access Level assigned to them - such as Registered.


If you have a site with multiple contributing Authors, you can filter the list by the name of the person that wrote the Article.


If you have articles in a designated language, you can filter those out here.