Article Index

Publishing Options Tab

The Publishing Options tab has a few things that you can control about an Article.

Alias: This will be the URL ending of the page if you select Single Article as the Menu Item Type in Menus or it will follow the Article ID number in the URL if you have Category Blog or Category List as the Menu Item Type.

ID: This box is grey because you can't change the ID number - but you might need to know what it is, so it is displayed for you.

Created By: You can change the Author tag of the article here as you need.

Created by alias:  If you don't want the actual author's name to show up in the byline - you can put something else in here.

Start Publishing & Finish Publishing: If you have an Article that you want to only show up on the site for a period of time, you can set those parameters here.

Modified By, Revision and Hits: These boxes are greyed out, you cannot change this information. It is put there for informational purposes.

Article Options Tab

The parameters shown here are set by the Global Configurations for Articles. You can choose to override these parameters for an individual article if you wish. joom3 has a section on the Global Configuration Options for Articles to explain what each of these options change in the display of your article.

Configure Edit Screen Tab

Control of these options is only available to those with Administrative Permissions. It sets whether these Options are available to those contributors that do not have Administrative Permissions. You may not want contributors to be able to change if an article is published or unpublished, change the author, add an alias, or set when the Article will start and stop. You can also control whether other contributors can change the Article Options, Administrator Images and Links or the Front End Images and Links.

Metadata Options Tab

Metadata are the tags that are in the source code for your web page that tell Search Engines things about the content of the page. It is said that having information in these tags is good for SEO purposes. If the article is used as a Single Article Menu Item Type, these tags will show up. This may not be the case if the article is placed in a Category Blog.  These <meta> tags can also be set in the Menu Item itself.

Meta Description: Enter text in the box if you want the web page that contains this content to have a page description in the tag in the section of your web page.

Meta Keywords: Enter text in the box if you want the web page that contains this content to have a list of key words in the tag in the section of your web page.

Robots: If for some reason you don't want Search Engine robots to index this web page, select the pulldown option of No Index. No Follow means that they won't follow the links that you have on the page. You may want to change this if for some reason you don't want this page to show up on Search lists. Remember, this will not keep robots with bad intentions from indexing this page.

Content Rights: If you have a special Copyright that you want to add for this article or you want to give instructions to others on how they can use this information, it goes in here.

External Reference: An Optional Reference used to link.

Article Permissions

You can set specific Permissions for certain User Groups for this article such as if they can edit, delete or publish this article.