The System drop down menu gives you access to the Control Panel, the Global Configuration, Global Check-in, Cache controls and System Information.

Control Panel

This is the first screen that you get to when you log in to the Back End or Administrative Interface of your Joomla Installation. It contains information such as which users are logged into the site, the most recently created articles, the most popular articles and the Quick Links that get you to the most commonly used screens for managing your site.

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Global Configuration

This is where the global settings are for your site.  Global settings are the initial settings for just about everything, from the system information, site name, default text editor, creating content, media, permissions, etc. These settings will be the default settings unless something overrides them on an individual basis at the menu items, articles, etc. level.

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Global Check-in

This is where someone with Super User status can check-in all Articles, Menus, Components, etc. For example, if one of the site's contributors has shut down their browser without saving an article, there will be a lock placed on that article so that no one else can accidentally edit the article.  The Super User can unlock any article on an individual basis, or the author of that article can unlock it.  The global check-in allows the Super User to unlock everything in one step. Be sure that someone isn't actively editing an article before taking this step.

Clear Cache

If your site has caching enabled in Global Configuration, this means that your site is storing the information for your web pages in cache.  This speeds up page loads because the site doesn't have to compile all of the PHP, HTML & CSS, images, etc for each time the page is viewed. The cache stores this compiled information.  This works well once the site is well established, but can cause problems if you are making changes to the page as the changes may not appear until the cache has be cleared out. Clear Cache allows you to force the cache to be emptied.

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Purge Expired Cache

Cache that has timed out, but is still being stored in the system files can be cleared out using this feature.

System Information

System Information is a quick snapshot of the settings on your site.  If you want to know your PHP Build, the database version, your Joomla Version, PHP Settings, Configuration Settings, Directory Permissions or specific PHP Information, this is where you can find it.  You don't make changes here, but it is a quick overview of your System Information. You may need some of this information if you are troubleshooting specific problems with your site.

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