In the Banner section of the Component list under Global Configuration, you can control the default settings for Banners.

What are Banners?

In Joomla, banners are a way to track and organize advertisements placed on your website. The Banner Component allows you to create banners, organize them into categories, place start and stop times, and it keeps track of how often the banner was viewed and how many times someone actually clicked on the banner. You can also choose to control where the banner ads are displayed based on the keywords in the article.

Global Configuration for Banners

In this section you control the default settings for Banners. Many of these settings can be overridden for individual banners.

Client Options Tab


Purchase Type: You can change this to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or Unlimited.

Track Impressions: Here you can set if impressions will be tracked by default. An "impression" is each time the page was viewed.

Track Clicks: Here you can set if you want the system to track the number of times the Banner was clicked.

Meta Keyword Prefix: When matching meta keywords, only search for meta keywords with this prefix.


History Options Tab

Save History: This will automatically save old versions of a banner for restoring later if you wish.

Maximum Versions: This sets how many previous versions of the banner you wish to have saved.

Permissions Tab

The permissions tab allows you to set permissions for different access levels.