Contacts are created for contact forms and displaying profiles for different users. Some sites may have just one Contact Form for the entire site, others may have a whole company directory with different categories for different departments.

Global Configuration for Contacts

The Global Configuration for Contacts will determine the default settings for the many parameters available for displaying contact and user information on your website as well as the Contact Form and the permissions.


Contact Tab

The many options in the Contact tab apply to a single contact. They can be overridden for a specific menu item or for an individual Contact.

Choose a Layout: You may have additional layouts from your template, you can choose them here

Contact Category: This will allow you to select if the Category is displayed, if it links to a list of all Contacts in that Category or if it does not link. If you had your contacts listed by Department, this might come in handy.

Save History: This sets if you want Joomla to automatically save old versions of a Contact item for use later

Maximum Versions: This sets how many previous versions of a Contact you want for the history.

Show Contact List: This is whether you want the Contact to show up on a drop down list of all Contacts by default

Display Format: When you create a Contact, there is a default setting of Sliders. This means that the different section of the Contact Page can be open or closed with a sliding motion. This can depend on the Template that you are using. You can slos select Tabs or Plain.

Other Options: You can choose to display or not to display various items of information about the Contact. This includes things like Name, Position, Email address, Street Address, Phone numbers and web page url.

Misc. Information: When you create a Contact under the Components drop down menu, there is a text area where you can type in information about each Contact.

Image: You can select an image for the Contact here. This will allow you select an already uploaded image using Joomla's Media Manager or upload an image from your local computer.

vCard: This will give visitors the option of downloading the Contact information to a .vcf file for programs that use the vCard format. 

Show User Articles: If this Contact is in the Joomla User List and the Contact item is linked to that user, and the User has written Articles for the site, you can choose to display a list of their articles.

Show Profile: If this Contact is in the Joomla User List and the Contact item is linked to that user, and the User has profile information in the User Manager, you can choose to display that profile information. The User - Profile Plugin must be enabled for a profile to be created. Also there are 3rd Party Extensions that create Profiles.

Links: You can choose to Show links and add labels for those links

Show Tags: If any Tags are associated with this Contact, this is where you can choose to display those tags along with the Contact information.

Icons Tab

Within the Icons tab you can choose to have icons show for the address, phone, email and misc listings, or you can choose to have text or set the default to none. You can also choose to use your own icons and select them using Joomla's Media Manager.

Category Tab

Here you can select the default settings for the Category level of the Contact page. You can select to show the Category Title and Description. The Category is set up in Contacts under the Component drop down menu. Contacts can be assigned to a Category for organization.

Categories Tab

If you have multiple Categories set up in the Contact Component, this is where you set the default settings for displaying the Categories.

List Layouts

For sites with multiple Contacts to display, this section will allow you to change the settings for how the lists are displayed.

Form Tab

You may or may not want to have an on-line Contact Form for each Contact by default. This is where you make that choice. You can also choose to have a checkbox that sends a copy of the email to the sender. Within this tab, you can select the default Banned Email, Banned Subject and Banned Text for all Contacts across the board.

Session Check: This checks for Cookies to be enabled. You can choose to refuse emails from visitors that are not accepting Cookies. This can cut down on spam. 

Custom Reply: This will turn off the Custom Reply. This may be necessary for certain Plugins to function properly.

Contact Redirect: You can enter a url for the visitor to be redirected to after submitting the Contact Form.