The Media Manager in Joomla allows you to upload, sort and select media files with certain file extensions. The default media files are graphic images, videos, comma separated value pages and .xls files for spreadsheets and databases, .doc files for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint files, etc.

Global Configuration of Media Manager

You can set the Global Configuration of things such as allowed file types, file upload sizes and path names. You can also control Permissions for access levels to change settings in Media Manager.


Component Tab

Legal Extensions: The comma separated list show are the file types allowed by Media Manager by default. You can add allowed file types in here, though you need to be careful and some file types can be executables and do damage to your installation

Maximum Size: the default for this is 10MB. You can change this setting to allow for larger file sizes, but you may still be limited by what your hosting company allows and settings in your php.ini file for your site.

Path to files folder and Path to images folder: If for some reason you want this to be different than the default "images" folder, you can set that here. But careful with this. The paths must be the same for both and other programs and extensions, such as JCE Editor, may still be looking in the "images" folder for uploading images. You also do not want to change this after the site has been around for a while, as older links to images will be broken.

Restrict Uploads: This restricts uploads for lower than Manager Users. There may be a reason for you to allow registered users to upload files using Media Manager.

Check MIME Types: Generally you want this set to yes, as this checks the MIME types of the uploads, but if you are getting errors you might want to set this to No. MIME types are different media types.

Legal Image Extensions: The default list of extensions are the general image files that browsers recognize. For some reason you may need to change this, but realize the image files may not display properly.

Legal MIME Types: This is a list of the allowed MIME types.

Illegal MIME Types: Files fitting this MIME type will not be allowed to be uploaded.