The Users Manager section under Components in the Global Configuration for Joomla 3 allows you to modify the settings for Users registering for the site.

System -> Global Configuation -> Users Manager (on the left side of the screen)

loginformIf you have a Login Form on your Joomla 3 site as a Menu Item or a Module, this allows your visitors to log into the Front End of the site. They may need to log in to see restricted content or to contribute articles for the site.

Default Joomla 3 Registration Settings 

By default, Joomla 3 allows any visitor to create an account. After clicking on the link, they will be taken to a form where they may enter their Name, Username, Password and Email Address. They are not actually registered for the site and can not log into the site until they click on the Activation Link in the Registration Email that was sent to them. They will show up in the list of Users under User Manager, but thier account will not be enabled until  they click on the activation link in the email OR someone with Back End access to your site enables them.  

Some other things happen by default when a visitor registers for the site from the Login Form.

  • They are placed into the Registered Group
  • They are sent the Username and Password that they entered into the User Registration Form.
  • They can activate their account by themselves - by clicking on the activation link - the site administrator is not involved.
  • A notification email is sent to the administrators email address alerting them that someone has registered for the site.

You may not want the general public to be able to become a Registered User of your site for security reasons or you may want the users that self-registered to be put into a different User Group than Users that you set up manually on the back end. You may not want the password sent in the activation email. You may want a Captcha installed on the registration form so that it cut down on Formbots filling out your form resulting in multiple emails to the administrator.

If you want a quick way to keep the average user from registering with your site, you can unpublish the Login Module. Keep in mind that advanced Joomla Users will know how to get to a Login Form even if there isn't one displayed on your standard pages. For security reasons, you should set it so that the general public cannot register for your site with the settings in the Global Configuration for the Users Manager Component.

Users Manager Global Configuration

In this screen of the Administrative Interface you can control the default settings for User Registration, User Notes History, Mass Mail and Permissions for the different User Groups.

 usermanagercomponenttabAllow User Registration: If you do not want the general public to be able to register for your site from the Front End, set this option to No.

New User Registration Group: If you would like the people that have self registered using the login form to be put into a special User Group, you can set that here.  The User Group must be set up for it to appear in the pulldown selection.

Guest User Group: The Guest User Group  and the corresponding Guest Access Level exist so that you can have pages on your site that only show up for people that are not logged in. People that log in will not be shown that page. You can change the User Group for this if you have a reason.

Send Password: You may not want to have the Password sent in the Activation Email for security reasons, if so, select No.

New User Account Activation: If you want to have control over who becomes a Registered User of your site, you can set this to Admin. If this is so, only Users with Administrative Rights for the Back End can enable the User in User Manager.

Notification Mail to Administrators: If you have a site with hundreds of users, you may not want to receive emails every time someone registers for the site.

Captcha: If you have Captcha enabled for your site with the Captcha-Recaptcha plug-in or some other style of Captcha, you can set that here and it will appear at the bottom of the Registration Form.  This keeps the bad robots from filing out your form.

Frontend User Parameters: The options here are Show or Hide.  If you want your User to be able to see and change their settings (by clicking on the Edit Profile button) for language, time zone and text editor, you can select that here.  You will need to install other Joomla languages if you want to offer options for language. The Edit you Profile page will also allow your User to change his/her Name, Username, Password and Email Address.

Frontend Language: If you have other languages available, you can change the setting to Show to allow the User to select a specific language.

Change Login Name: This will allow the User to change his/her login name.

Maximum Reset Count: You may want to limit how many times the User can change his/her password. If this is set to 0, then there is no limit on how many times they may change their password.

Time in Hours: This sets how many hours for the reset counter.

Minimum Password Length, Password Minimum Integers, Password Minimum Symbols, Password Upper Case Minimum: If for some reason your want your users to use more secure passwords, you can force them to use passwords with more numbers, symbols and uppercase letters.