usersThe Users settings in Joomla are what control who can access what pages  The User list can consist of one person, the web developer that set up the site, or it can contain hundreds of users if you have a site where people must register to see certain content or to make comments.  

There is an acronym for this system called ACL, for Access Control List. In Joomla there are three areas that are required for controlling the users of your site and what content they can access. These areas are Users, User Groups and Viewing Access Levels.

Permissions also play a role in setting what Users can DO with that content. This controls which users can write, edit, publish articles. You may have several people contributing articles and creating them in the Joomla environment, but only one person that can approve the articles and Publish them so they are live on the site.  the default settings for Permissions are accessed in the Global Configuration under the Permissions tab.  Individual Permissions can be set 


Technically, everyone that views your site is considered a User. If they haven't registered with your site, they are considered to be in the Public User Group. Anyone that does register with the site will be put into the list in the User Manager screen.

After you first install the Joomla site there will be one entry in the list, Super User. The profile for the Super User was established when first installing the site and filling out the information regarding login name, password and email, during the site setup. By default the Super User is assigned to the Super User Group which has access to everything and the ability to create, edit, remove and publish content.

User Groups will be assigned to Access Levels to control to what content they have access.

Click here to read more about setting up new users and editing their information.

User Groups

Joomla's core installation comes with default User Groups.  You can use these to control the access of your users, or you can create new groups to fit your needs.  Users can belong to one or more User Groups.





Resources: Users, User Groups & Access Levels

Resources: Users, User Groups & Access Levels at this writing, does not have a full article for Joomla version 3, but the concepts are essentially the same.