dropdown-usermanagerThe User Manager section is where you can add new users individually, edit the settings for existing users or delete users.  New users may also be added by other methods, such as Log In registration and third-party Membership Extensions.

To add a new user click on the long green bar at the top that reads New.  You will come to a screen with a form for filling out information about that user such as their name, their login name, password and email address.  Each user must have a unique email address or Joomla won't allow you to save the settings.

Recieve System Emails: You can set this to Yes or No. If set to yes, when you set up the user they will receive an email with their user information including their Name, Login Name, Password, etc. They may also receive other system emails, so once they are set up, you may want to turn this off.

You can also put a block on a user without actually removing them and their information from the system.

Each user gets a unique ID number for the database.

The next tab in this screen allows you to assign this user to one or more User Groups.  Each User Group has access levels assigned to it which are used for viewing specific content.  User Groups ae also used with Permissions to allow Back End Access, or to create, edit or publish content.

The Basic Settings tab allows you to set a different template for each user if you have multiple templates in us.  This could be as simple as a different background color so that the user knows if he is logged into the site. You can set the Backend and Frontend Language if you need to change it to something besides the default (GB) English. You can set what Text Editor is assigned to this user.  For instance you may only want the user to have a straight unadorned text box to keep things simple - then selet Editor -  None. The TinyMCE Editor comes default with Joomla, but you may prefer another editor such as JCE Editor (this can alos be changed globally in the Global Configurations settings under the System dropdown).

You may want to set a special Time Zone for that user if you have contributors in different time zones.

By default each User is assigned to the Registered User Group unless it is changed.  With Joomla's standard settings, Registered Users do not have access to the Administrative Interface or Back End of the site.