Iframes are frequently used for embedding videos and maps in your web page. If you copy the source code from YouTube, Google Maps or other sources, the code will use the <iframe> HTML element.

To add this code with the text editor, you need to toggle it to HTML mode. Many times you add this code to your text editor and the editor removes the code when you save the document. You must change the setting for the text editor to allow iframes.

Allow iframes with the TinyMCE Text Editor

The default text editor, that comes with a Joomla 3+ installation, is the TinyMCE editor. To allow iframes to be added you need to follow these steps:

Extensions -> Plugin Manager

plugin tinymce

Click on the title of Editor - TinyMCE

tinymce prohibited elements

In the first tab, Plugin, scroll down to the options for Prohibited Elements. Erase the word iframe and the comma preceding it. 

Save these settings. You should now be able to add <iframe> elements to your articles and modules. Again, you must toggle the text editor to HTML mode and then toggle back.

Allow iframes with JCE Editor

jce profile dropdown

The JCE Editor is the most popular, and free, text editor extension for Joomla 3+. It has some very useful features including more functional ways to upload images and adding them to your content and for linking to other articles. 

Another feature of JCE Editor is improved ways to control what features the text editor has for different levels of users. These features are set under the Profiles in the JCE Administration screens.

Components -> JCE Editor -> Profiles

Click on the name of the profile where you wish to allow iframes. This may be Default, or one of the other Profile accounts.


Once in the settings for the Profile, click on the Plugin Parameters tab.

jce allow iframes

In the left column, click on Media Support. Select Yes for Allow IFrames. Save and close the screen.

Whomever is set to this Profile in JCE Editor, should now be able to add <iframe> elements with the JCE Text Editor. Again, you must toggle the text editor to HTML mode when inserting the <iframe> element.