You can create sub-menu items in Menu Manager. These sub-menus will drop down from the top menu item when the Menu is put into a horizontal position.

Now that you have created this sub-menus, you may find that they do not appear when you hover over the top menu item. They may appear when you are on that page and hover over the top menu item, but they will not appear if you are in other menu items.

It may be that your template does not support these sub-menu items appearing, but it is likely that you need to change a setting in the Module for your Menu.

Screenshot of the options for the Menu Module

Go into Module Manager (in the Extensions drop-down) and open up the Module for the menu in question.

Be sure that your Start Level and End Level are set so that the sub-menus will appear.

Click on Yes for Show Sub-menu Items.

Click on Save & Close.

Open up your site in a browser and verify that the sub-menu drop-down shows when you have on the top item.