You may have added something to an article, changed some wording, fixed a misspelled word or uploaded a replacement image. Even though you saved the article, the changes are not showing up on the web site page.

Cache settings on your Joomla site

The reason for the web page nor reflecting the changes that you just made could be the cache settings on your Joomla site and/or the cache for your browser.

Cache is a way for web sites and browsers to store files and pages so that they can deliver the content faster to the visitor. Cache reduces the page load time, but it can be frustrating when you are changing content or changing styles on your site.

There are several places to look at the cache settings for your Joomla site. If you have installed other 3rd Party Extensions that speed up your site, there can be other places that you need to change settings so that your pages reflect the changes that you made.

How to clear the current cache in Joomla

System -> Clear Cache

When you arrive at this screen, you can clear the cache for specific groups by checking the box next to that group, or you can check the top box to select all groups. Once the boxes are checked, click on the Delete button at the top. This will remove the currently store cache. These are just copies of the original files stored in the cache folder in your system files.

Turn off the System - Cache Plugin

If you still are not seeing the updates that you have made, you may also need to turn off the System - Cache plugin. 

Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> System - Cache

See if there is a green check mark in the status column for the System - Cache plugin. Click on the Status check box and it will toggle to to red. This turns off this plugin. What the System - Cache plugin does is use your browser for caching entire web pages. This speeds things up a great deal for loading the page, so when you are done, you will want to turn this back to a green check mark.

Clear the browser's cache

Your computer's browser also stores files to speed up page load and reduce server requests. It may be that you need to clear out the browser's cache to see your changes. Each browser, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE have different ways to clear their cache.

Browser's will often create cache files for JavaScript .js files, image files and CSS files. This is why images do not always reflect changes if they have the same filename as before.

Change the cache settings in Joomla

System -> Global Configuration -> System Tab -> Cache Settings

Here under Global Configuration you can turn off caching altogether if you are going to be making a number of changes. Turn this back to caching when you are done with your changes. You will also need to turn off the System - Cache plugin under Extensions - > Plugin Manager if you are making a series of changes.

3rd Party Extensions for Speeding up your site

There are a number of 3rd Party Extensions that make changes to speed up your site. These extensions will do things like compress your CSS and JavaScript files among other tasks. You need to check the settings for these extensions if you are still having issues. You will likely find the controls for these extensions under the Component dropdown or possibly in the list of plugins in Plugin Manager.