Often after running an upgrade on a Joomla installation, you will get error pages. The front page may come up fine, but when you try to navigate to other pages with the menu, you end up at an error page saying that the page cannot be found.

This could be due to the .htaccess file.

Be sure that you rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess.

You can try copying the .htaccess file from your backup back to the upgraded installation. If that doesn't work, rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess, add back any additions or changes that you may have made to the .htaccess file in the previous Joomla installation.

You may need to add back the lines that allow the SEO friendly URL's to work.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/index\.php/
RewriteRule ^index.php/(.*) /$1 [R,L]

You may also need to add back any other edits or Redirects.

Other common issues for the upgrade not working properly are:


  • Be sure that you have the correct database, database user name and database user name password
  • Be sure that the $live_site variable is either empty or has the correct path
  • Look at the paths shown for $log_path and $tmp_path

Database issues

If you ran the upgrade on a copy of your site to get the bugs out before going live you need to be sure that the configuration.php of the copied site has the new database name, user name and password.

If you did copy the database, did you import the .sql file from the previous database?

If you move the upgraded installation back to the live site's folder, it should still point to the new database.

Did you remember to move the database to the hosting environment if you ran the upgrade on a local computer?

File permission issues

You need to be sure that your files and folders have the correct permissions. This is 644 for files and 755 for folders. Look at configuration.php, it should be 644. Look at the tmp and log folders, they should be set to 755.