There are a few things that need to be in place in order for a User to be able to create Articles from the Front End.

  • The User must have a User Profile set up under User Manager.
  • The User must be logged into the Front End of the Joomla site - using the Login Form on the Front End.
  • The User must be assigned to a User Group that is allowed to Create Articles. For the default Joomla User Groups and settings, this would be Author, Editor, Publisher or Super User. If you have created a custom User Group it must reside below one of these groups to automatically be allowed to create Articles.

You must also install a way for the user to create articles.  This is done by creating a Menu Item with the type Create Articles.

Menus -> Select Menu (ie Main Menu) -> New (Create New Menu Item)-> Select -> Articles -> Create Article

Set the Access Level for this Menu Item to Author or to your specified Access Level. This way only those users that are allowed to create Articles and are logged into the site can even see this Menu Item.

After the user has logged in and navigated his way to the Create Articles page, he can create a new Article. Once he saves the Article, an email will be sent to the administrator for the site letting him know that a new Article has been created.

Options for setting up a page for creating Articles

You can set a default Category for the articles created with the Menu Item Type of Create Articles.

Learn by Example

Jacques Durand is an expert regarding antiques from pre-revolutionary France. He will be wirting all of the Articles for your website on buying and selling antiques. You want to create a Category for his articles and no one else's. You do not want Jacques to be able to Publish articles as you want to control this aspect of the site and review all Articles before they appear on the site.

You are also going to have sections of your site for antiques from the British Isles, Italy and Germany.  You will want to create separate Access Levels so that the different contributors will automatically have their Articles added to the appropriate Category.

Create a Category under Content

Content -> Category Manager -> Add New Category

You title the Category "Ancien Regime". Leave the Access Level at Public because you want the Public to be able to view the Articles. Save & Close.

Create Custom User Group

Now you need to create a User Group for just those people that will write Articles for this section of your site.

Users -> Groups -> Add New Group

Give this Group the Title of Ancien Regime. Select the Group Parent of Editor. This means that anyone in this Group can Create, Edit, but not Publish Articles.

Create an Access Level

Access Levels simply control which groups can see what content. You will need to create a new Access Level for Ancein Regime.

Users -> Access Levels -> Add New Access Level

Fill out the text box for Level Title with Ancien Regime. In the area called User Groups Having Viewing Access, click the checkboxes next to Ancien Regime and next to Super Users. You are the Administrator for the site and you will want to have access to this level for reviewing and publishing the Articles.

Create a User Profile

You want to add Jacques Durand as a User to your site so that he can log in to the Front End only and create Articles.

Users -> User Manager -> Add New User

newuserFill out the form with the information for Jacques Durand. Be sure to give him a secure password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and at least one symbol.

usergrouptabGo to the Assigned User Groups tab and click on the text box for Ancien Regime.  You may leave the Check next to Registered. By default all of the access levels set for the parent user group are assigned to the child user group.  If someone were to manually change the settings for Ancien Regime, Jacques may loose some of the settings for Registered.


Create a new Menu and Menu Item

We want to create a new Menu that goes on the side. We will assign an Access Level for this Menu so that only users that will contribute Articles will be able to see the Menu and only after they log into the Front End.

Menus -> Menu Manager -> Add New Menu

The next step is to create a Menu Item so that when Jacques logs into the Front End, he can navigate to the page that allows hime to create an article.

Menus -> Main Menu -> Add New Menu Item

For this example, we are placing this Menu Item right in the Main Menu. You may not want to have this in the Main Menu, but in a secondary side menu. In that case you would need to create a new Menu.  You would also need to create a module for this Menu and place in in the appropriate Position.  You could also assign the Ancien Regime access level to this special menu so only users in that User Group would see the menu and only after they logged into the Front End of the site.

You will want to create a Menu Item Type of Create Article, give it an appropriate title and assign it to an Access Level so that only Jacques will see this Menu Item and only AFTER he has logged into the Front End of the site.

menuitemselectbuttonClick on the Select button and a dialog box with a list if the different Menu Item Types will appear. 

Click on Articles in the list and a new list will appear. Click on Create Article. Give this Menu Item an appropriate name so Jacques knows to select it to create articles for his portion of your web site, but keep it short as possible as it will be what appears in the Menu.  We will call it Ancien Regime: Create.